Frequently Asked Questions


COD, unless credit has been approved prior to delivery. Finance Charges will be 2% per month (24% APR) from the date of delivery if payment is not received within your firm’s terms.


We generally ship using contract carriers. We will be glad to load your truck. Normally it takes about 2 hours to load and properly cover each load. Side kits are available on request for a small additional charge. For smaller orders Spring Hill can provide delivery to your location or your job site. Your charge will be $75.00/hour. This will be charged from the time we leave Spring Hill until we return.


All claims should be made in writing within five (5) days. Customers who fail to pick up material dug specifically for them within one week of notification that the material is ready for pick up will be charged in full for those plants. All material is guaranteed to be true to name.

Earning Discounts

Discounts are based on your previous year volume or your confirmed order for the current year. Discounts will be extended to firms whose payment history is within the agreed terms. New customer discounts will be based on your confirmed order volume.


Our inventory is increasing, but not unlimited. we tag trees for future digging as soon as possible. We subtract your order from our availability when we receive it. (Availability only shows what is currently available.) At the end of the growing season we will begin to tag specific trees to fill your order. We tag based on when each order was received. Trees will be tagged by size and customer. We will confirm your order as soon as it is tagged. We dig each order individually assuring you that your trees are as “fresh” as possible.


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